Padel Magic now offers his own artificial padel tennis grass, which will be soon homologated by the Spansh Federation Padel offering all kind of guarantees and best quality product.

We have 2 different kind of artificial grass for padel courts. Depending on the requirements of the clients, they can choose between both options.

  • Fibrilated grass:  Perfect for clubs which looks for a good price with a good quality. Its a grass of 12mm height, with 50.400 stiches and 5.800dtex, more than enough for ensure a long duration and nice play. Available in green color

fibrilated artificial grass padel tennis courts

  • Curly monofilament grass: This is the TOP quality grass, similar as used in the official World Padel Tour circuit. It offers a perfect ball bound, it needs less maintenace and who tries this grass, only want to play on it. It has 58.800 stiches y 9.000dtex, and it´s the best option for clubs who wants to offer best quality

curly artificial grass padel tennis courts


Dont hesitate to contact us for more information. We offer this services:

  • Sell and install the artificial grass for ready courts
  • Only sell and export the grass

Which one do you need?