Domotic Padel Tennis Courts

iphone android app for domotic padel booking

Our partners offer a full range of online tools to manage your club:

  • Online booking software: More than 10 years of experience in the market, its software is used in more than 5 countries by 100.000 users all over the world. Perfectly tested and simply to use is the best option for ones who looks for a reliable padel software management tool

online booking software padel tennis

They also offers the clubs a personal developed app mobile for Android and Iphone with the corporative brand of the club. If you are looking for exclusivity and need to offer your clients an app to make online booking dont hesitate to contact them.

iphone android app for padel booking


Domotic padel courts: Innovation has arrived to padel courts. From now you can make the online booking and open the court and switch on the LED lights from your phone. Its simple, funcional and aware of bandalism, because with their solution there is no any device to enter pin code or RFID card. Just click a button on the mobile app and the door will be opened.

domotic padel tennis courts  domotic padel tennis courts domotic padel tennis courts


Here you can see a demo – video of how it works