It is the most economical model of padel courts, highly demanded by most clubs due mainly to its price and its self-supporting structure, which favors its assembly and disassembly in future occasions

All the courts meet the technical requirements of the Spanish and International Padel Federation and are developed based on the European regulations of sports facilities.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ECO Padel court based on frames

 Metallic structure
– Estructure of welded frames, made with 80x40x2mm tube vertical, 4 horizontal bars tube (1) of 40x40x2mm as closure, (1) of 80x40x2 mm as closure, (2) 40x40x2mm shredding bars 1-2 meters.
– Folded sheet of 0.2mm thickness joined together aligned which act as anti-damage hiding tips of the electrowelded mesh.
– Floor anchoring plates, brackets and glass fasteners manufactured by laser.
– Estructure oven-dried painted suitable for outdoors and indoor spaces.Any color of RAL able to choose.

– 14 tempered glasses 299.5×199.5×10 mm.
– 4 tempered crystals of 199.5×199.5×10 mm.

Doors and Light

– Free access doors both sides of the court (same as the official Word padel tour).
– Illumination:- 4 light poles per court independent of the structure to avoid
vibrations and prepared in the high part for installation of spotlights.
– 150W LED original PHILIPS

Game network
– Structural 86x8x8x3 mm network poles.

Small materials
– Screws needed for the entire installation, sand, neoprene, etc…

This court is perfect for exportation. 1 court can be loaded in a container of 20″ and 3 courts can be loaded in a cointaner of 40″

sale of padel tennis court cheap

sale of padel tennis court cheap price

sale of padel tennis court cheap price