Court endowed with a greater elegance and visibility than the framed ones. Their lack of frames on the backside favors the vision of the game. Made with high quality material with a very competitive price.

It is mainly used as the main court in most clubs



  • The sides of the court have 80x40x2mm tube framework, each with 2 x 250x100x10mm anchor plates with 3 x 16mm holes for anchoring; with triangular gusset plate.
  • The ends of the court have 2 x 5m pieces joined together with 80x40x3 and 40x40x2 tubing bearing the strength of the structure and the different impacts.

Welded Mesh

  • Dimensions 50x50x4, all ends have protective covers to prevent injuries.
  • Support tubing 40x40x2mm at 1 and 2 metres to prevent warping.

– 14 tempered glasses 299.5×199.5×12mm. + 4 tempered glasses 199.5×199.5×12mm

Doors and Light– Free access doors both sides of the court (same as the official Word padel tour).
– Illumination:- 4 light poles per court independent of the structure to avoid
vibrations and prepared in the highest part to install spotlights.
– 150W LED original PHILIPS

Game network
– Structural 86x8x8x3 mm network poles.

Small materials
– Screws needed for the entire installation, sand, neoprene, etc…

sale of padel tennis court price

sale of padel tennis court price

sale of padel tennis court price

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